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Ice Pack

Based on the Supertech parent company, who owned the world-class and complete vacuum insulation technology, Supertech Cold Chain has developed a series of cold chain insulation equipment assembled with vacuum insulation panel. Its thermal insulation and energy saving effect are better than any other common insulation product in the market and fully meeting the requirement of customer in cold chain transportation and storage areas.

Our efficient coolant has great latent heat, sufficient cold storage energy, no salting out and supercooling phenomenon, good thermal stability, smooth phase transition temperature, ow coefficient of thermal expansion; no corrosive and toxic, certified by air DGM. Also can be carried on the plane and through mail delivery. Cost effective, can be used repeatedly.

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Advantages of Ice Packs

Advantages of Ice Packs

In Real Cold Chain Transportation

Especially for long-term transportation, passive cold chain insulation boxes are commonly used, mainly in terms of usage, avoiding charging troubles. Additionally, even for long-term transportation, such as 72 hours, the configuration of the cold source inside the box can be adjusted to achieve this. This article focuses on introducing the use of phase change cold storage technology in refrigerated insulation boxes.     

Movable Refrigerator

A refrigerated insulation box with a cold source can be used on a refrigerated truck or on a regular truck, because to some extent, it is a "movable refrigerator".

Thermal Performance of Ice Packs

Thermal Performance of Ice Packs

Different uses of ice storage agents with different phase transition points in ice boxes and bags

Each plastic box is made by blow molding, and the different materials filled inside have different corresponding uses. It is generally used for pharmaceutical transportation, such as vaccine reception and transportation, blood transportation, 2-8 degree drug transportation, etc. The required transportation time and configuration of the box are different, and the requirements for ice box, ice board, ice bag, paper box ice, etc. are also different.

Cold storage agents are widely used in cold chain systems

With the characteristics of fast cooling, large cold storage capacity, long cold retention time, recyclability, non-toxic and pollution-free.

FAQs of Ice Pack

What is an ice pack?

An ice pack is a portable plastic bag filled with water, or refrigerant gel, which can be frozen and used to provide coolness to help reduce swelling, pain, or body temperature.

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