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Mylar Film

VIP used barrier material development course: Stainless steel plate---Laminated film includes AL layer---New model laminated film (Nano Film).

Super Tech barrier film is laminated by multi-layer functional film,one of them is Nano film has excellent barrier property with low heat conductivity (effectively reduce heat bridge effect).

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Types of Mylar Film

Regular Aluminized Polyester Film (VMPET-V1)
The VMPET-V1, a standard polyester aluminized film, features excellent oxygen and water resistance, fragrance retention, and a brilliant metallic finish.
Metalized Mylar Film
VMPET-V2, a chemical-treated polyester aluminized film, offers exceptional oxygen and water resistance, fragrance retention, metallic luster, and robust adhesion strength.
Reinforced Aluminized Polyester Film (VMPET-V3)
VMPET-V3, a chemical-reinforced aluminized film on DuPont 121 substrate, boasts exceptional barrier properties, strong aluminized adhesion, and excellent weather resistance.
Plated Silicon Oxide Film (PSI, Silicon Dioxide Film)
A high-barrier transparent film with superior oxygen and water vapor resistance, excellent temperature tolerance, and a broad service temperature range.
Aluminum-plastic Laminated Film (V4, Aluminum Laminated Film)
A high-barrier laminate with exceptional water vapor and oxygen resistance. Ideal for refrigerator VIP panels, food vacuum packaging, energy-efficient building materials, and industrial specialized packaging.
Aluminum-free Laminated Film (V5)
With outstanding water and gas barrier capabilities, it's a superior alternative to 7-9μm aluminum foil, offering ultra-high water vapor and oxygen resistance.
Nano Barrier Film (SN Series Products)
The SN Series Nano-Barrier Film, with independent IP, excels over its predecessor in barrier properties, yield rate, longevity, and resistance to aging.
Fumed Silica Film
Its porous structure offers strong water vapor adsorption and resilience to external pressure, ensuring durability for extended use, ideal for applications like construction.
Battery Barrier Film
Leveraging precision coating equipment, apply a 2-3μm coating to a porous polyethylene/polypropylene film, incorporating water, organic additives, and inorganic components.
Floor Heating Film
The PET surface undergoes an alkali-resistant chemical coating, followed by a 30-60nm thick aluminum plating for enhanced heat reflection. An alkali-resistant adhesive enhances floor heating film durability and reduces heat loss compared to aluminum foil-based systems.
Flame Retardant Film
A Class A flame-retardant film crafted from premium flame-resistant materials. Resistant to combustion, suitable for high-fire safety environments.
Function of Mylar Film

Function of Mylar Film

Excellent barrier (water and oxygen resistance.light and moisture resistance;

Excellent aroma retention, which can make the contents have a long shelf life;

Good weather resistance, can withstand low-temperature freezing, refrigeration and transportation.

Testing and Evaluation of Mylar Film for Barrier Performance Assessment

Testing of Barrier Films
PCM Ice Pack
Testing of Barrier Films

Testing barrier films involves a series of assessments to determine their ability to block the passage of gases or moisture. Various tests, including gas permeation, water vapor transmission rate, and oxygen transmission rate, are conducted to assess the film's resistance to environmental factors. These tests provide quantitative data on the film's barrier properties, helping manufacturers select the most suitable materials for their specific applications.

Performance Evaluation
PCM Ice Pack
Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation of barrier films goes beyond testing. It encompasses a comprehensive analysis of how these films perform in real-world conditions. This evaluation may involve factors such as temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress, and exposure to chemicals. Through such assessments, manufacturers can ensure that barrier films effectively protect products, extending their shelf life and preserving their quality.

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