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Plastic Insulated Box

The insulation box is made of food grade environmentally friendly HDPP and HDPE materials, and is refined through the world's most advanced rotary molding process. The bottom is equipped with a thick and wear-resistant foot pad, which is non-toxic, odorless, UV resistant, and not easy to change color. The surface is smooth, easy to clean, and the insulation effect is good. It is not afraid of falling or touching, and can be used for a lifetime. The product is used in conjunction with cold storage ice crystal boxes and ice bags, with a cooling effect that exceeds industry standards in the United States. The continuous refrigeration and insulation time can reach several days.

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Applications of Plastic Insulated Boxes

Applications of Plastic Insulated Boxes

Food Delivery

Plastic insulated boxes made from food-grade HDPP and HDPE are ideal for transporting hot and cold food orders. Their durability and insulation properties ensure that meals are delivered at the right temperature.

Medical Transport

These boxes are used for the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive medical supplies, ensuring that medications, vaccines, and samples remain within the required temperature range.

Outdoor Events

They are well-suited for outdoor catering and events, keeping beverages, salads, and perishable items fresh and at the desired temperature for extended periods.

Picnics and Camping

Plastic insulated boxes are popular for picnics and camping trips, as they can maintain the freshness of food and drinks, eliminating the need for constant refrigeration.

Hunting and Fishing

Hunters and anglers often use these boxes to store and transport game or freshly caught fish, preserving their quality until they reach home.

Cold Chain Logistics and Plastic Insulated Boxes

Cold Chain Logistics and Plastic Insulated Boxes

Extended Cooling Times

Plastic insulated boxes are integral to cold chain logistics. They maintain the required temperature for an extended period, ensuring that perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and sensitive materials are delivered in optimal condition.

Temperature-sensitive Shipments

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, plastic insulated boxes are used to transport temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines, meeting strict quality and safety standards.

Customizable Cold Chain Solutions

These boxes are adaptable to various cold chain requirements. They can be used with ice crystal boxes and ice bags to provide continuous cooling for days, surpassing industry standards.

Environmental Considerations

The use of environmentally friendly materials like HDPP and HDPE aligns with the growing focus on sustainability in cold chain logistics, reducing the environmental impact of packaging and transportation.

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