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Thermal Insulation In Construction

Vacuum insulation board for construction is a type of vacuum insulation board specially developed based on the characteristics of buildings and suitable for the construction field. It can be applied to the enclosure structure of buildings, such as exterior walls, interior walls, roofs, and floors; It can also be applied to the enclosure structures of mobile prefabricated houses, mobile homes, RVs, etc.

The vacuum insulation board developed by the company for construction is collectively referred to as MST after its brand name - Vacuum insulation board for construction, abbreviated as MST board.

Supertech specialize in R&D and manufacture the VIP applied to construction field based on the principle of vacuum insulation. The product has the advantage of extremely low thermal conductivity and is light, fireproof, green environmentally and energy saving. The VIP is important construction energy saving material with excellent insulation performance, which is not impact by temperature and moisture.

1.Excellent thermal insulation performance, passive thermal insulation, reducing the energy consumption of buildings to maintain temperature.

2.Use  building VIP instead of the traditional building insulation mate-rials with a thickness of 100-150mm to greatly increase the use area.

3 Provide customized products with various thermal conductivity and sizes indifferent geographical environments.


Specification of VIP For Construction (Wall, Roof, Ceiling)

ItemSQG type (MST-A type)SL type (MST-B type)
specificationlength X width (mm)600X500, 600X400, 600X300
400X400, 400X300
length: Max 1,650
width: Max 800
Specific production according to customer needs
kickness (mm)10, 12, 15, 205~35
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)0.004~0.0060.0025~0.006
operation temperature range (℃)-40~100-40~100
service lifeSame life as the buildingMore than 25 years
fireproof performanceA1

Advantages of VIP For Construction (Wall, Roof, Ceiling)

High Insulation Performance
High Insulation Performance

Super low thermal conductivity, which is much times of other insulation material.

Fireproof and Safty
Fireproof and Safty

The product pass A grade fireproof certification.

Green and Environmental Material
Green and Environmental Material

Not including CFC, HCFC, radiated substance and so on. It does not emit the poisonous gas, no pollution and can be recycle.

High Economic Performance
High Economic Performance

Can save energy above 25% and save the space of construction.


The size of product is stable, is not affected by extremely hot or cold weather, Europe already used the VIP in construction field more than 30 years.

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