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Vacuum Insulation Panel

High-performance vacuum insulation panels are based on the production principles of traditional vacuum insulation panels, abandoning their shortcomings (such as large marginal effects, etc., and are manufactured by using new materials such as high-performance barrier films and high-performance getters, as well as new processes. Our VIPs are mainly used in high-end refrigerators worldwide,we have established deep relastionship with customers for many years, such as LG, Samsung, Midea, Haier, ect.

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Types of Vacuum Insulation Panel

High Temperture Corematerial-Based VIP For Wide Temperature Range (-196℃-800℃)
Wide temperature range VIP is a special core material, which is packaged and made under vacuum condition, has excellent thermal insulation performance at steady or unsteady high temperatures.
Rectangular Vacuum Insulation Panel Based on Fiberglass
Vacuum Insulation Pannel is an efficient insulation material based on the principle of vacuum insulation. It combines the advantages of both vacuum insulation and microporous insulation methods, thus achieving the ultimate in insulation effect.
Special-Shaped Vacuum Insulation Panel Based On Fiberglass
In addition to the conventional sheet shaped fully enclosed VIP requirements, in order to meet the diverse needs of practical applications, Saite New Materials has developed multiple irregular VIP boards: VIP with holes, grooves, chamfers, and curved surfaces.
Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIPs) Based On Fumed Silica
Ideal for aerospace, insulation, and cold chain logistics, it outperforms polyurethane foam and glass wool with its extended temperature range, prolonged lifespan, and enhanced stability.
Non-evapotranspiration Adsorbent VIP
Serving as vital companions to vacuum insulation panels, adsorbents efficiently capture excess gases from material issues, ensuring panel vacuum preservation and prolonged service life. Predominantly, desiccants and non-evaporable adsorbents are employed.
Shell Type Four-Sided Sealing Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIPs)
Overcoming performance uncertainty, Supertech introduces an innovative four-sided sealed VIP with a shell-style design, propelling vacuum insulation boards into a new era (VIP 2.0).
Benefits of Vacuum Insulation Panels

Benefits of Vacuum Insulation Panels

Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are known for their exceptional insulation capabilities, ensuring that high-end refrigerators maintain consistent and efficient temperature control.

VIPs are thin and space-saving, allowing refrigerator manufacturers to maximize storage capacity while minimizing the overall size of the appliance.

Established relationships with renowned companies like LG, Samsung, Midea, and Haier underscore the trust and reliability of VIPs in high-end refrigerator applications.

Comparison of Vacuum Insulation Panel And Other Insulation Materials

Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) vs. Traditional Insulation
PCM Ice Pack
Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) vs. Traditional Insulation

Vacuum Insulation Panels, like Supertech's VIP, boast a remarkable advantage over traditional insulation materials due to their exceptionally low thermal conductivity, often less than 1.5mW/m.K. This grants VIPs an R-value that can be up to 10 times higher than conventional insulation. The micro-pore heat insulation within VIPs, combined with vacuum heat insulation principles, ensures an outstanding level of heat insulation efficiency that far surpasses materials such as Polyurethane (PU).

VIP's Environmental Benefits
PCM Ice Pack
VIP's Environmental Benefits

In addition to its outstanding insulation properties, VIP stands out for its environmental friendliness. Unlike some traditional insulation materials, VIP does not contain any ODS (Ozone-Depleting Substance) materials in its production or application. This makes VIP a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for those looking to improve energy efficiency in their buildings while minimizing their environmental impact.

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