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Research and Innovation

Fujian Super Tech independently developed a series of advanced production equipments and testing instruments, and has owned the completely independent intellectual property portfolio and patent authorizations. The company built an entire vacuum insulation industrial chain, have been improving the level of automation, and promoting the green and low-carbon development of the whole society through industry expansion.

Research and Innovation

Our company has accumulated profound technology in the field of thermal insulation and mastered a number of core technologies. Our products have won the AWE Appliance & electronics World Expo Best Component Award, the first Prize of China Home Appliance Technology Progress Award and other honors.

award and honors

As of 2022, Total of 118 invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents.



Technical advantage

The thermal conductivity of key technical parameters of our main products reaches 1.5mW/m.K, which is the best in the industry. Under the same conditions, compared with competitors, it can expand the capacity of refrigerators and save more energy.

Cost advantage

Independent research and development of the whole industry chain, the main products of vacuum insulation panel such as core material, high-performance barrier film, adsorbent products are independently designed and developed, better control the cost from the source.

Talent advantage

A number of experts from universities and scientific research institutes, professional materials research and development team, serious and rigorous production and quality control, professional sales team, to jointly provide you with heat insulation and energy saving solutions.

Super Tech advantages