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Thermal Insulation Products Used in Metal VIP

Metal Vacuum Insulation Panel (M-VIP) is the fifth generation VIP upgraded product of our company, which mainly solves the heat insulation problems in the field of new energy batteries and energy storage.

Product Features of Metal VIP

It is a kind of product made of aluminum foil or stainless steel foil as membrane material, basalt fiber, high silicon fiber and others as core materials. After vacuuming, it is encapsulated by welding. M-VIP has features of high and low temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, long service life, puncture resistance, high compressive strength and Class A non-combustible. It can be used as high temperature thermal insulation materials instead of high silica oxygen cotton, silica aerogel and aerogel felt.

The wide temperature range VIP produced by Super Tech can be applied to many application fields such as aerospace, new energy, energy storage, high-temperature household appliances and equipment, LNG pipeline insulation, etc., which greatly broadens the application of vacuum.

Advantages of Metal VIP

  • "Heat Dissipation - Insulation - Heat Dissipation" Product Structure

1.Heat Dissipation: The external covering material uses highly thermally conductive aluminum foil or stainless steel foil, providing excellent heat dissipation in the direction parallel to the Metal VIP.

2.Insulation: Metal VIP is filled with high-temperature-resistant core material and subjected to vacuum sealing, resulting in superior insulation properties in the direction perpendicular to the Metal VIP.

3.Heat Dissipation: High thermally conductive heat dissipation fins are attached to the edges and connected to a heat dissipation system, enhancing overall heat dissipation.

Due to this "Heat Dissipation - Insulation - Heat Dissipation" characteristic and advantage, Metal VIP is widely used in special insulation scenarios, such as insulating new energy batteries.

From thermal imaging results, the surface temperature of Metal VIP rapidly decreases from the heating zone towards the periphery, demonstrating excellent heat dissipation in the direction parallel to the panel.

  • Excellent Insulation Performance at Steady High Temperatures

Comparing the insulation performance of Metal VIP and aerogel needled felt of the same specifications at 400°C and 600°C, it's evident that Metal VIP has significantly lower backside temperatures and slower temperature increase rates compared to aerogel felt.

  • Excellent Insulation Performance at Unsteady High Temperatures

*Unsteady: The heated surface starts at room temperature and records the temperature changes on both the heated and cold surfaces continuously.

To ensure equal heat flux density on both surfaces, we conducted tests using aerogel felt of the same dimensions enclosed in a metal casing. In unsteady (rapid heating) tests, Metal VIP consistently outperforms aerogel felt in insulation performance.