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Thermal Insulation Products Used in Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

VIP is widely used in cold-chain industries such as Fresh Food&Bio-medica Insulation Box, Refrigerator Car, Refrigerator Container, Cold Storage etc.

Super Tech: Pioneering the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

1. Passive insulation, "0"energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.

2. High performance VIP extends the temperature holding time, reduce the use of coolant, which is highly cost effective.

3. Various designs and specifications are avaiable, OEM/ODM is also avaitable.

Fujian Super Tech's commitment to innovation is evident in the creation of advanced thermal insulation solutions that have revolutionized the pharmaceutical cold chain.

Our thermal insulation products are synonymous with passive insulation, boasting "zero" energy consumption.     This remarkable feature is not only environmentally friendly but also highly cost-effective.     By harnessing the exceptional insulating capabilities of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP), our solutions significantly reduce energy expenditure, making them an ideal choice for pharmaceutical cold chain logistics.

Extended Temperature Stability: Reducing Costs, Ensuring Efficacy

The high-performance VIP technology employed in our thermal insulation products extends the temperature-holding duration.     This means a reduced need for coolant during transportation, translating to substantial cost savings.     With Fujian Super Tech's solutions, pharmaceuticals remain at the desired temperature for longer, ensuring the efficacy and safety of the products being transported.

Recognizing the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical cold chain industry, Fujian Super Tech offers a wide range of designs and specifications to meet your specific requirements.     Whether you need insulation for fresh food and biomedicine insulation boxes, refrigerator cars, refrigerator containers, or cold storage facilities, our products are designed to exceed your expectations.

pharmaceutical cold chain

Cold chain logistics generally refers to a systematic project in which refrigerated and frozen food is always kept in a specified low-temperature environment in all aspects from production, storage, transportation, and sales to consumption to ensure food quality and reduce food loss.

The requirements for cold chain logistics are relatively high, and the corresponding management and financial investments are larger than those for ordinary room temperature logistics. It was established with the advancement of science and technology and the development of refrigeration technology.

Relying on the thermal insulation technology advantages of independently developed VIP vacuum insulation panels, Super Tech prepared to establish a subsidiary "Super Tech Cold Chain" as early as 2015. Currently, cold chain companies provide various types of insulated boxes, refrigerated truck performance improvement modifications, and temperature and humidity testing. Instruments and other products.